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Thank you for stopping by! My name is Viktorija and I'm London based illustrator and person behind Andsmilestudio illustrations and products.

I love colour, painting with gouache, coffee, outdoor adventures (involving a bicycle preferably) and one day I dream of having a dog 🐶.

Andsmilestudio was set up in 2012 and since then thousands of illustrations, pins, prints & postcards flew all over the world and found new owners, thank you so much! :) 

If you are wondering why I'm called Andsmilestudio it's simple! My full name is Viktorija Semjonova and people struggled to remember, read or pronounce my name so when I started out I wanted to name my shop (that's how I started, with an online shop :) in a way so everyone could remember and I came up with And Smile (that's how I wanted people to feel when looking at my work or using my products) and studio came later (andsmile was taken everywhere). 

If you would like to chat please feel free to email me :) Let's talk!

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Would love to hear from you regarding any questions about the order, shop, products, portraits, collaborations or anything at all. Let's talk! Click here to send me an email or fill in the form below.

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