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Baked Sea Bass *YUMMY YUMMY*

sea bass recipe drawings by andsmile

I love food! And I love eating food! And I love to cook (but I'm pretty bad at it). And I love to draw. So naturally here you go: illustrated recipes ;) 

While being super busy in the run up to Christmas and craving something warm all the time nearly 100% of my meals were baked, put stuff in the oven, add garlic, lemon and parsley, come back in 30mins and it's MEGA YUM! Ninja quick and delish.

Latest favourite thing: Baked Sea Bass! 

Found a recipe on Jamie's website and tweaked it to my needs of crispy fennel and tiny baby carrots ;)) You can find original one here. Thank you for the recipe! :)

We buy our sea bass from a local fishmonger (two for a Β£5, they cut the head/tail and clean, YAY). So basically all you need is sea bass, parsley, garlic, lemon and whatever you would like to add. We baked it with lots of fennel, tiny cute colourful carrots, cherry tomatoes and potatoes.

It took us around 15 mins to prep and after 30 mins we were enjoying this DELICIOUS sea bass! Already looking forward to next baked sea bass ;) YUMMY YUMMY!

What's your favourite food right now? Any top tips for lame cooks?

 YUMMY YUMMY! There is love in my tummy! 

YUMMY YUMMY! There is love in my tummy! 

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