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Digital colouring ;)

I very often colour my drawings digitally. And I was very excited to try that after buying my glorious brush pens (see previous post). 

So I scan in the drawing. Adjust brightness/contrast, make a separate layer out of the drawing and use this magical tool (see p.2) . Go to channels and use this round thing = load channel as selection, it should delete all the white space. If it doesn't turn out as you expected, I play around with brightness/contrast and levels and try it again. It's a perfect way to get rid of the white space without pixelated effects which could happen if you use lasso tool.  Then create another layer and let the fun begin! YAY!!!

Here is what I've done with my brush pen doodles. I love the brush pens loose funky lines and it's so much fun to colour in digitally. :)



Brush Pen Love!