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Welcome to my blog. Here I write about my work, process, art materials, travel, places to drink coffee, things to read and inspiration.


How often do you go somewhere nice, take lots of photos, collect train tickets, think of doing something fun with it and then never  do it? I always fail! If you do something with it, pretty please leave a comment with what you've done, I love anything inspired by trips/memories and just nice things ;)

So this time I actually did something. YAY!

Please meet my tiny Amsterdamian collection (mint & pink house brooches, cat print &  Amsterdam Cyclists Print).

I am in love with Amsterdam and I hope to come back there many many times. So please consider those things an ode to Amsterdam, a product of pure love! :) I miss you Amsterdam (mainly poffertjes!!!).

So what do you do with your travel memorabilia?



Digital colouring ;)