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Letting go ;)

My second anniversary of being freelance is fast approaching (9th of July) and it makes me think how things changed over two years and what have I learned.  I feel very happy and grateful for being able to do what I love for a living but it's hard work and the greatest adventure! :)

Of course a lot of things have changed and I've learned a great deal about all sorts of things (writing a business plan, doing accounts, marketing, product design, manufacturing and the list can go own) but one of the things I struggle the most is switching off. It seems to be reaccuring problem in freelance (desiner-maker, illustration and creative) communities. And no wonder when your job is also your passion, it's hard to slow down.

But I found out that going without stopping and recharching is not only harmful for my health but also for my productivity & creativity. 

The less I would achieve, the more I would work, the less time I would take off (usually none) and more tired become, work slower and feel physically worse and of course I would achieve less and we are back where we started. :)  Of course common sense is to take time off, look after yourself but it's easier said than done.

I'm happy to say that I am slowly learning to walk away now. Walk away when I feel tired, uninspired or drained. Do some excercise, take time off, just relax and I know that when I come back I can do the task MUCH better, find best & more interesting solutions & actually do work a lot faster. So it's a win win!  :) 

Accepting that there will be unproductive days, that some tasks in order to be completed have to be left for a bit. That taking couple of days off to draw & play around with new materials can help to get back on track.  

Freelance is fun but also stressful, even though I have the best boss ever she might be a bit too demanding, so taking time off is essential. And of course being kind to myself helps me being kind to others & enjoy life! :)

I took a creative break and drew a lot of girls with magical coffee, no pressure on myself just watercolours and brushes! My best stress relief recipe ;)

What about you? How do you handle stress? Find balance? Any top tips are greatly appriciated! :) 


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