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The Society of The Crossed Pencils

I'm a stationery addict and decided to set up a secret society for stationery addicts. And every self respecting secret society must have a set of rules and a pin (preferably in gold), right?!

To join The Society of The Crossed Pencils, follow the rules of the society and share the love for stationery! ;) You can find a dedicated instagram account for the society here share your stationery snapshots with the hashtag #thesocietyofthecrossedpencils and join in the fun! :)

By wearing this pin I officially join ranks of The Society of The crossed Pencils and Solemnly Swear to:


use pencils, pens, notebooks daily for all the note taking, list writing, sketching, planning, drawing, signing and marking


embrace woodgrain goodness in all it’s shapes and forms


keep pencils sharpened perfectly


provide a fellow in need with a spare pencil, pen, favourite soft eraser and perfect sharpener when needed


never ever EVER use the eraser on the other side of the pencil


give bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils to the members of the society of crossed pencils on special occasions


be kind to pencils and other members (do not discriminate against washi tape, mechanical pencils, gel pens or other members who spell stationery with A, BE KIND).



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