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Brush Pen

art supplies by andsmile

I love stationery & I love art supplies. They alone can inspire me to draw and be creative. So for this Christmas in order to boost my creativity I treated myself to wonderful Kuretake No. 40 Brush pen. I've red a lot of reviews online and it seemed like a perfect tool for me with an exception of ink, which seemed not to be 100% waterproof. However I found an answer to that in the reviews (thank you all those wonderful people who bother leaving detailed reviews, you are the best!!!). So the answer  for my perfect set up seemed to be: Carbon ink +  Fountain Pen Converter + Kuretake No. 40 Brush pen

I couldn't find the brush pen in the UK (well, I could but for more than twice the price), the same with ink, so placed an order with fantastic (their selection of stationery & art supplies  is just insane!!!) and waited.

To my surprise the parcel arrived in no time!!! YAY!

Aaaaaand to my absolute delight Kuretake No. 40 turned out to be the most beautiful brush pen ever created!!! The bristles are soft and gentle, line can vary form super thick to hair thin! The weight of the pen is delightful & just right, it feels perfect in hand, a little heavier than your usual brush pen but I find it incredibly pleasant.

Using Fountain Pen Converter & Ink turned out to be super easy. 

And so to my second very important discovery. THE INK IS SUPER WATERPROOF AND ABSOLUTELY BLOODY LOVELY!!! I love adding a bit of watercolour to my sketches and struggled to find brush pen with waterproof ink. 

To test the ink I pretty much BATHED my drawing in water and watercolour but ink didn't run, not even a tiny bit. YEAH! I can't wait to draw more and explore what I can do with that beautiful brush pen & waterproof ink! Here is a little doodle I did (you can see that ink is intact and some of the lines created by magical Kuretake No.40 are as thin as hair!!!)

andsmile doodle


Renegade roundup