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100 Days Project & What to draw!

andsmile illustration

I'm 32 days into 100 days project, only 78 to go (and I'm two days behind :)).

Usually I have an idea of what I will do for a days drawing based on my sketchbook or some tiny idea I wanted to play around. And sometimes it's a bit trickier, I feel less inspired and on these days I go back to the little briefs I was giving myself on the days I was inspired and just playing more! :)

One day I would be really happy and excited with the progress I'm making with the gouache (I took roughly 15 year break from it.. so not entirely sure how to use it but I'm figuring out as I go) and some days I frankly don't like what I drew but I guess that's part of the process of 100 days project. There will be good days and there will be bad days and the only way to get through is to show up (it can be applied to any creative practice & life in general probably :))).

Here are some of the prompts I gave myself in the last 32 days. I'm sharing them in hope that maybe some of you will get inspired to play around with similar subjects?! :)

  • Go draw outside, to a coffee shop, flower market, somewhere where you are surrounded by things you like and get sketching. In my case I went to a flower market and drew lots of girls with flowers in my sketchbook. And I simply couldn't wait to paint these girls from my sketchbook for the project! :)
  • Choose two colours which are close, like red and pink or blue and light blue or mint and light mint. Use one to completely fill in the shape and the other to add details.ere...
  • Set a timer for 30 minutes and paint without stopping, being too careful, just go with the flow, let things happen and embrace them both good and bad and of course enjoy the process!
  • Try colours you wouldn't normally paint with or don't even particularly like. I'm a fan of pinks and mints, so sometimes I intentionally don't use them and go for an orange or yellow (a colour I rarely paint with) and see where it takes me!
  • Girls & coffee ( my absolute favourite subject combo ;)
  • Find an outfit you really like and draw a person who would wear that outfit, what kind of hair would they have, what about jewellery, lips, pose?
  • Do a series of mini paintings of the same person (object, action or anything, make a little set of paintings which would work together and be connected by something). One close up of the face, one from behind, one doing something. Or completely different objects but in the same colour scheme, or.. you get the idea? :)
three blues

I would love to see your drawings if you decide to use the little ideas and I hope they will inspire you to draw or try something new! Yay! :)

Live Drawing

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