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Cornwall getaway

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Helloooo lovely people of internet!

How are you? Any holidays planned for you guys? Have you been somewhere lovely?

Me and my husband went on a mini break to Cornwall. I've never been there before and couldn't wait to visit after seeing so many beautiful photos!

bude, cornwall, illustration by andsmile

Maksim (my husband) found the CUTEST little caravan in Bude, which was completely booked up for the whole of August apart from three nights where we were free too! We booked the airbnb, rented the car and off we went (stocked up with playing cards and raincoats just in case).

We don't get the chance to be in the nature often enough and waking up in this beautiful garden, surrounded by the forest, flowers, birds, bees and tons of butterflies was pure magic. I really enjoyed first moments in the morning, drinking coffee and soaking in all the beauty and quiet (and I mean REALLY quiet) moments. By the way these photos are taken on my iPhone and I didn't add any filters or make any adjustments. The weather was truly glorious and it seems that the grass is really greener in Cornwall! We spent the first day at  Summerleaze Beach in Bude. 

Colourful beach huts, lots of cute dogs, ice cream, wind, salty air. What else can you wish for?!

In the photo is actually Bude Sea Pool, semi natural pool which is filled with the water from the  sea at high tide. It was soooo magical!!! Really blew our minds! We had a fantastic swim there! Can't remember the last time I was swimming in the sea (probably 5 years ago) but I grew up by the sea and sometimes I really miss being near the water and feeling fresh salty sea air on my skin. 

Thank you so much Bude! We loooooved you!!!