Painting Dogs using Gouache Workshop, 3 May

Painting Dogs using Gouache Workshop, 3 May


In this 2.5 hour workshop I will teach you how to paint dogs using gouache.

Dogs come in different shapes and sizes and have so much character, which makes them absolutely perfect subjects to paint. We will learn basic colour theory and composition, how to use gouache, and how to paint dogs! Reference photos will be provided but please do bring your own (photo references or dogs) if you would like. 🐶 🐕 

All materials are provided for you to use on the day, as well as snacks and a glass of wine.

We will be using:




You will walk away with newly acquired skills, dog painting and a palette with gouache (ready to be reactivated at home), pencil, and sketchbook.

This workshop will take place on:

Thursday, 3 May, 18:30 - 21:00


Kindred Studios
18 Saltram Crescent
London, W9 3HW

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